Dear friends,

We are starting to ship first batch of FOCI 2 on Friday.


However production is not scaled up yet, so we’ll have to ship out in batches until the assembly processes gets smoothened out. And there is a queue for the fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers who backed FOCI 2 earlier so the first Website batch will likely to be shipped out early next month.


Also during this time, our original pouch supplier went bust, so we have to find a new pouch supplier. So some packages will come in squarish pouches while others will come with round pouches. If you have a strong preference for the squarish pouch, message me now, as only the earlier batches come with a square pouch.


Best wishes,


Mick and the FOCI Team




Some backers are unsure as to whether there is a survey for website, there wouldn’t be an extra shipping survey on website. So we will have Ivory white FOCI 2 as a default, however if you have a strong preference for Obsidian Black FOCI 2 please send me an email, but please note that Black FOCI 2 production and shipping would be around one month later than the main Ivory white SKU.