The iOS version with Deep work session report is in review.


At the end of each session, you will be able to read into how you work in much finer granularity. In particular, are you too stressed to be focused, or not stressed enough, to get into what psychological flow.


Coming next

The complementary focus training manual with FOCI is on the way. It is designed specially to tackle the improvement of 4 types of focus. A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think. FOCI is a tech augment to help you master the skill of focus, and this focus training manual can help map out the path.

Chapter 1: Discover your Achilles’ heel of your performance

Identify the 5 main types of vicious loops that could be affecting you all the time.

Chapter 2: Tune out your distractions at will

Understand the perennial chaos happening inside your brain and bring it under control in minutes with biofeedback.

Chapter 3: Terminate procrastination in a snap

Power up the most well researched psychological technique with tech augmentation.

Chapter 4: Boast a longer focus span than others

Stay balanced with fatigue and stress more effectively with added emotion-awareness and the right countermeasures.

Chapter 5: Triumph in getting into your peak mental performance

Learn to tune your emotion states with breathing pacing technology to get into psychological ‘flow'.


We would be releasing this via email in the coming weeks. Look forward to hearing your feedback, based on which we can make improvements on the training.


Best wishes,

Mick & the FOCI Team


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