Major Android software upgrade 19 is on the way. ETA end of March, early April, as we try to incorporate as much feedback from iOS FOCI users to improve this upcoming Android version.One such improvement is to improve Machine Learning's ability to differentiate ‘skewed breathing pattern’ that would otherwise skew machine learning. When skewing happens, users would usually have to reset their machine learning. With this upcoming update. Machine learning will have a greater resilience to data skewing.



Summary of Major Android software update, apart from iOS’s software update 18, which includes:

  • 4 times the performance upgrade from the old FOCI version.

  • Machine Learning upgrade boost: that reads 150% more emotion data.

  • Negative emotion analytics: that evaluate risks of frustration, distractibility, procrastination, burnout and anxiety that impact focus.

  • Key cognitive metrics: mental performance, tension overload level that could really give you a major boost to your productivity.

  • Biofeedback linearity improvement: that makes it easier to tune into deep focus.

  • Machine Learning anti-skewing improvement: that makes it less susceptible to skewing.


A side note, FOCI’s Focus Training Manual is constantly evolving with the FOCI, from many users’ feedback. We have the newest updated version here.


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