This major software update is out on TestFlight for iOS!  If you prefer a stable version, we advise you use the older version on the App Store, until this version is rolled out to the App Store in the coming weeks.  

negative emotion analytics

As this update is very, very big, it is not backward compatible with previous app versions. Meaning, once you decide to upgrade, you would not be able to use the app currently on App Store or Play Store, until this new version is rolled out on App Store. So proceed with caution.


If you want some excitement.

You should really give it a spin on the TestFlight.


It has 4 times the performance of the old FOCI version, meaning, 4 times faster.

It comes with a Machine Learning upgrade boost that reads 150% more emotion data.

It now comes with Negative Emotion Analytics: that evaluate risks of frustration, distractibility, procrastination, burnout and anxiety that impact focus. 

It now provides key cognitive metrics: mental performance, tension overload level that could really give you a major boost to your productivity.

And, on balanced probability, this app should have eliminated more bugs than it created.

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

Testflight Version for iOS: You can install the app by clicking on the link below from your Safari Browser:

Play Store Version | App Store Version

PDF Download | EPUB Download 

P.S. If you face any problems with shipment, message me at and we’ll get it sorted.