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Don't wear FOCI incorrectly

Are you keeping getting ‘calibrating breathing pattern'? Having worn it to work for a long while, only to find a few emotion record orbs? Is the respiratory signal score always low?

Garbage in, garbage out. If the input signal is poor, the output emotion recognition will similarly be unsatisfactory.

FOCI recognizes emotions by detecting subtle motions in the abdomen when we breathe . How subtle is it? Most people wouldn't notice how the person sitting next to them breathes, unless of course, the other person gasps for breath.

How the device captures the breathing signal is much like how microphones pick up sound signals. If the source of the sound is far away from the microphone, or if there is a lot of obstruction in between, the sound signal reception would be weakened. Similarly, the way FOCI is worn also affects breathing signals. If worn incorrectly, the breathing signal would be poor, messing up emotion recognition.

There are four most common wearing mistakes that mess up devices’ output. Any of these alone would be sufficient to upset signal quality.

The first kind of mistake is to wear the casing of the device facing outwards. The white casing is used to receive the breathing signal. Wearing it outwards from the abdomen will weaken the signal.

The second kind of mistake is to wear the device to the side, nearer to the pelvic bone. Breathing motion is greater closer to the belly button. Wearing it too far to the side is like speaking to the microphone from a long distance, the signal will be diminished.

The third kind of mistake is to have thick layers of clothing in between the device and the abdomen. This is like covering the microphone with a thick cloth. Signal will be muffled.

The fourth kind of mistake is to wear the device on loose pants. If the device is not in good contact with the abdomen, it is hard to pick up any signal at all.

Avoid these 4 kinds of common mistakes, to get good signal quality, which can improve the performance of machine learning by up to 200%. Check out the pictorial how-to-wear guide and ensure you are wearing the device correctly.


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