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Most Powerful Productivity Tech

Work Smart with FOCISHOP NOW

Future proof
Your mind

5 types of distraction alerts
Productivity Tracking
Focus Skills

Achieve more with less effort.

Why work hard, when you can work smart and play hard? Take advantage of an unparalleled productivity tool with the best-in-class focus skill training, to give yourself the extraordinary edge in career and grades.

Ditch the primitive time tracker and whatnots. Other productivity tools’ capacity to track your performance dulls in the face of FOCI. Start to draw unprecedented insights of how you work.

Don’t stay in the dark. Get to know every focus, calm, distraction, stress, fatigue while you work. Find out when and why you lose focus or see how well you do today.

When the moment wasn’t recorded it’s lost. Track your work sessions, view detailed productivity stats on your working patterns, to understand how you focus, and record your triumph.

Why waste your time on unproductive work when you are already fatigued? Cut short wastes, with timely nudges. Customize five types of distraction vibrations to stay productive.

Why are smart people so focused? Take the shortcut. Gain the intuition of directing your executive functions (EFs) with simple practice of controlling the motion of ripples, using the most advanced training technology.

Focus Skill Level 1
Tune out distraction

Understand the perennial chaos happening inside your brain to bring it under control with biofeedback.

Focus Skill Level 2
Curb procrastination

Learn to build ‘if’ trigger and ‘then’ response with the most well researched psychological technique.

Focus Skill Level 3
Sustain longer focus

Cope with fatigue and stress more effectively with added emotion awareness and the right countermeasures.

Focus Skill Level 4
Peak mental flow

Understand how different types of emotion affect your performance and to use biofeedback to tune into flow.

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FOCI 1 ships within 2 days of receiving your order, or you can preorder FOCI 2 on Indiegogo

* FOCI 2 has better hardware design than FOCI 1 however all FOCI 1 will be eligible for FOCI 2 functional upgrades.

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