Designed for desk work:

FOCI is best used for typical desk work, as FOCI actively differentiates movement noise from your diaphragmatic breathing patterns. It would have to re-adapt to your breathing very frequently when you are standing or moving around. Once you are seated, noise would be minimal, enabling FOCI to pick out your physiological signatures.

FOCI is specialized for ‘brain-work’ physiology. If you have just climbed many stairs to get to class, or performed other forms of physical exertion, for a brief period the cognitive inference that FOCI makes might be led astray while you are ‘catching your breath’. As soon as your breathing settles down, FOCI would be able to give you good read.


Get the best signal:

FOCI’s learning prioritizes its feedback accuracy in the tradeoff between quantity and quality, enabling it to accurately capture the subtle cognitive changes, you aren’t aware of. When the signal is somehow muffled, you may find that FOCI becomes much quieter, generating less feedback than you might like.

You can help FOCI improve the strength of the signals in the way that you wear it. While direct skin contact is not necessary, keeping minimal layers of clothing between FOCI and your skin, will dramatically boost the quality of your breathing signal.  Compared to loose or non-elastic pants, breathing signals are generally much stronger when wearing FOCI on an elastic or well-fitted waistline.


Gets better with learning:

Everyone has a unique physiology for FOCI to learn, and while FOCI will start tracking from the moment you wear it, it needs around 2 days of learning to personalize to you. Even after this initial learning, FOCI continues to adapt to slow physiological changes smoothly (e.g. with different seasons). However, with sudden physiological changes (e.g. catching a cold, or a new wearer), FOCI will take a few days to learn.

Also, FOCI learning is based on our unconscious breathing, if you consciously alter your breathing, for example taking a few deep breaths to calm yourself when feeling stressed, in real time you may observe FOCI flashing between red (stress) to blue (calm). Over a few minutes, FOCI will pick out enough breathing features to differentiate real states.