We are doing final tests before this major release. iOS would be released by the end of this week on TestFlight first, as this update is very big. Android update would follow in January.

negative emotion loops

2nd major AI engine upgrade would, by our estimate, give around 150% boost in performance of emotion detection. Note, however that FOCI would have to relearn your physiological states.

4x improvement in speed and performance.  Speed of rendering, syncing and general performance is now much faster.

Negative emotion and advanced states detection.

1) Mental performance: which approximates your capacity for concentration. You would be able to use this to understand how your capacity to focus varies throughout the day.

2) Tension overload: which approximates your general tension level. You would be able to use this as an early detection of excess tension, that would tire you much faster.

For example, when you are high in both mental performance and tension overload, you can tell that you are overdriving. We can work very effectively in this state, but we tire very fast, and it is a much less sustainable way to focus than psychological flow.

3) 5 negative emotions, accompanied by different levels of risk warning, for example, a blue bar for burnout loop, would mean that you are sustaining a low chance of being in burnout. Conversely, a red bar would mean that this risk is substantial and that you might want to counter it with its corresponding focus skill. 

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

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