This coming update would help you read into how you work in much finer granularity. 

In particular, are you too stressed to be focused, or not stressed enough, to get into what psychologists call ‘flow’ - which is really a state of peak performance, when you’re completely involved in an activity with intense focus and creative engagement. I’m sure you have experienced it before, where you have been so involved in doing something that you lost track of time. The experience by itself is pure enjoyment.

The right balance of stress is essential to get you into flow. ( See Yerkes-Dodson law, if you are interested).  With this upcoming update,  you would be able to see stress level affect you, your work, and to adjust. The biofeedbacks with breath pacing can help you adjust quickly, and you would find balance easily with Focus Training Biofeedback and Deep Relaxation Biofeedback, at both the ‘Focus Boost’ entry on the main page and within the 'Deep Work'.

The release for software update 14 for Android is next week, however, iOS would be near the end of the month, as there are delays in development. We are working on them at the moment. 

Best wishes,

Mick & the FOCI Team


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