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Frequently asked questions

You can customize Distraction Alerts, for 5 different kinds of distraction, that give you timely vibration nudges when you get distracted.

You can read Emotion Records, for 6 types of emotions, to review when and why you get distracted during work, and make targeted improvements.

You can use Deep Work, to generate detailed productivity reports for work sessions, that helps you optimize the way you work.

You can use Focus Boost to train and gain skills of biofeedback, from level 1 to level 4, to strengthen your ability to consciously control attention.

The device captures the slight ebb and flow of the abdomen when breathing, then using machine learning, it profiles your breathing characteristics, and then uses this profile to infer your emotion state.

Breathing patterns are correlated with cognitive states. FOCI’s machine learning captures waveforms from the device’s motion sensor, and learns to differentiate real breathing from noise, draw the pattern and match it to different cognitive states. This personalization generally lasts 4-7 days. For references on the science behind FOCI, here are some papers:

FOCI’s machine learning would personalize to the individual user in 4-7 days, but it depends on whether it is more on the ADD or ADHD spectrum. On the hyperactive spectrum, bodily movement will prevent the device picking up a sufficiently good breathing signal, but ADD side should be fine.

Biofeedback is very effective training for inattention and it is a very calming experience. However there is a learning curve. 

Here is FOCI's training guide about biofeedback.

If your child does not bring a mobile phone to class, the device can still vibrate when he/she is distracted. When your child goes home, you can connect with the mobile phone's Bluetooth, so they can see the learning performance of the day in the app.

We deliver worldwide, except to the following countries: Bahrain, Bolivia, Sri Lanka. We ship out within 2 days of receiving your order, using tracked delivery. It usually takes 1-3 weeks for your FOCI to arrive (depending on the country).

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FOCI comes with a 12 month international warranty, with Thirty Day Return Policy, and complies with GDPR.