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Shipping and Software Update 2
Apr 26, 2019
We had a tally and we have fulfilled most non-etching silver, and there are still...
Shipping & Software update
Apr 17, 2019
We are still working on the last manufacturing hurdle of colored clips. This is a...
A Quick Guide on Using FOCI
Mar 19, 2019
 Designed for desk work: FOCI is best used for typical desk work, as FOCI actively differentiates...
Stress is Inevitable. 3 Strategies to Use Stress to Your Advantage.
Apr 30, 2018
Cats and Lions Imagine a 400 lb lion is charging at you, with murder in...
Easily Distracted? 4 Simple Ways to Improve your Focus
Apr 30, 2018
Life can feel frantic. So many balls, only two eyes. In a world short of...
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