Software 18 update for iOS is now stable and is out on the App Store. We are grateful to all our TestFlight testers who help us pinpoint problems. And we are thankful for your encouragement and valuable feedback. 

mental performance


For Android users, sorry for the wait, Android update is in development, and features will leapfrog the current iOS version, beyond the performance boost, Machine Learning upgrade and Negative Emotion Analytics.

We received quite a number of questions about Tension Overload metrics. And I would like to briefly explain.

This is the screenshot of my data this morning, where you can see my tension overload is through the roof. I wasn’t feeling stressed about things in particular, however, my body is indeed very tense, as I was having a bout of stomach flu from yesterday morning. 

Tension overload approximates my physical tension level at the moment. And you can see that once I’m stuck in this tension rut, my ability to focus reaches an abysmal level. (1/3 of my usual Deep Focus Minutes). 

It is imperative to try to keep Tension Overload to the blue region, avoiding orange and red, in order to sustain good focus, to make real progress. I’m going to get some rest, after sending off this update ;) 

Best wishes

Mick & The FOCI Team

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