We are still working on the last manufacturing hurdle of colored clips. This is a very intricate process of getting the metal luster out of a thin layer of resin. If it is not the right mix, either metal luster and/or color shade will be lost. And bringing to scaled production while maintaining the quality of the prototype is still a challenge, but we are very close now. Over the last week, we de-coated the chromium coating on the 304 steel to re-coat with nickel bring out the sheen. We are hopeful that we can sort it this week so that we can start assembling the colored clip next week. We’ll ship out these batches as we receive them.

For silver and black clips, we have received quite a lot of nudges. And we have been doing a lot of nudges to logistics to move things faster. It is simple to move dozens of things easily, but it is much harder to move hundreds of packs. Even managing the orders and updating preferences with different color options and customizing messages without mistakes is no simple feat, and mistakes would mean delays. So we really appreciate your patience, and we are working to improve the fulfillment. And you may receive the product without shipping tracking code first, because there is a lag, from both shipping partner to us and me to you, as the process is not-automated and fully manual so please bear with me.

Software update & download link

Along with some other bugs, we fixed the memory loss problem. Part of the memory problem originates from too much processing being carried out on the device which causes a sporadic crashing, and we redistributed the workload to mitigate this problem.



*iOS is currently under Testflight review and may take a few more hours.

We are working on a list of problems and improvements as flagged out by our beta testers, so we hope to roll out a new built every 1 to 2 weeks, so please give us feedback as you go, to help us make FOCI better for you.

Best wishes,

Mick and the FOCI Team