An upgrade for Focus Tuning is out for iOS, and hopefully tomorrow for Android.

However, this update hasn’t yet come with 4 types of distraction nudges, as we accelerated the release schedule for Focus Tuning after the encouraging statistics - Focus Tuning has already on average boosted the chance of getting into Flow by 263% within the hour of using it (and many more focus streaks of course). It has shown such potential, we are hoping to push it to more than 3x, with this, and upcoming updates. 


How does it work?

Distraction, stress, and fatigue, throughout the day disengage different regions of your brain from working in synchrony with each other, and as a result you are seldom as focused as what you can be. 

Focus Tuning helps you bring these otherwise distracted brain regions back under your control (at 90ish focus depth), with it you can direct this deepened attention to any other task, and enjoy the focus boost.

With the new update which makes Omnisense Mode available, you can both see and hear ‘the forest’, to get the hang of deep focus by engaging both your visual and auditory cortex. From aggregate data, we see that it usually takes less than a minute to tune to 90ish on Focus Depth. You would be able to feel the difference around that range. 


Tips to use Focus Tuning

Let Focus Depth value guide you, 1) relax your body as you breathe in, 2) try to feel as much bodily sensation as you can as you breath out. Repeat these 2 steps to push up the Focus Depth. 

The most common mistake is to skip step 1, as it is absolutely essential to balance out ‘deliberation’ (of focusing - think stage fright) with conscious ‘relaxation', to reliably get into deep focus as and when you want it.


Coming up next

Both the 4 customizable Distraction Alerts and Breath Pacing are coming in December. Breath Pacing may come earlier as it has bigger potential of helping cutting the learning curve for Focus Tuning when used together. We are developing, testing, redoing, debugging, designing everyday, based on your feedback. Hope you will love this and the upcoming updates, and hope FOCI will be able to Power Up Your 2020!

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

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