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We get quite a number of backers writing to us, asking about the 4 levels of biofeedback training from the recent release and on the training metrics.

focus training and metrics


Biofeedback training is about finding self-control. And the centerpiece for all 4 levels of training is about acquiring the intuition of self-control through learning to control the visual and audio dynamics.

And just as you would have guessed. Self-control is indeed necessary in moderating various manifestations of negative emotions, such as procrastinations and frustrations. And this is indeed referring to the limited executive control of our prefrontal cortex brain region.

Self-control score is an approximation of how much self-control has been exercised and therefore strengthened in the process.

Training time metrics could help you easily gauge your training performance. As a rule of thumb, 10 self-control scores per minute indicates efficacy, and therefore you would likely feel a significant difference with only a few minutes of training.

Total time and aggregate score alone, lacks granularity and insight to the biofeedback meditation training process. Therefore, the radial bar chart is arranged to resemble a chronograph watch, which divides the performance by time. Lets say, if I end my training at a high note, I will be getting longer bars at 12 o'clock, and if I lost my control halfway through, I would be getting stunted bars at 6 o'clock.

And you might have realized that both biofeedback metrics and the radial bars are correlated with your training performance, and they are not linear. It is relatively easy to tune to the 80ish region, and it is much much harder to stay above 90. However, 90-100 region is where you would see a disproportionate improvement, and we applaud you to train and get there.

As for update on iOS update, it would likely be out late October, early November, with 'Train machine learning’ capacity in addition to 4 levels of biofeedback training, Focus Skill integration and various other upgrades.

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