Dear friends,

In the upcoming software update 21, we are merging the 1st installment of Machine Learning 2.0 upgrade with experimental technology (mindfulness integration). The main rationale is that ML 2.0 could much better support this mindfulness integration with biofeedback. The release for this software update 21 would be around mid May for both iOS and Android.



You would be able to select 3 levels of mindfulness integration in the biofeedback training settings. 


Just like aerobic or weight training, the very concept of training is not just about strengthening your heart and muscle group, it is about tuning yourself into a good physical state. A few minutes of biofeedback training would hopefully adjust you into more productive mental state. And this coming mindfulness integration would give biofeedback a further bump in prowess.

Best wishes,

Mick and FOCI Team

P.s. The most powerful enhanced mode for mindfulness integration will not be available in the coming update, as it still requires substantial development. We hope to release it in the 4th quarter this year.