As well as bug fixes, we have a major new feature release at the end of next week. Many thanks to backers who have given us feedback, especially on Focus tuning.


Recap: Focus Tuning


How does it work?

You can think of it as a tech-assisted meditation training your focus. The main difference is that it can take years of practice to acquire the skills of meditation to reliably modulate your attention. But with Focus Tuning, you will see immediate improvement if you are doing it well. It’s like learning to balance on a bike, once you find it, it sticks.


When to use it?

You can use it to reboot your focus when you are feeling very distractible or light headed. Or you may wish to include a few minutes of training in your daily routine to clear your mind setting up for best performance. 


How to use it?

Start a Focus Session and let the Focus Tuning meter guide you, 1) relax your body as you breathe in, 2) try to feel as much bodily sensation as you can as you breath out. Repeat these 2 steps, using the value to find the intuition of deep focus. This has a relatively steep learning curve, and we would be releasing training in future updates.


New feature: Breath Pacing

This feature has a much simpler learning curve than focus tuning but is no less powerful. In a nutshell, once FOCI has fully learnt your neurophysiology, it can now generate white noise or light music dynamically based on your real-time cognitive state, to help you stay in focus longer, or reboot when it senses that your attention is faltering.  From the feedback of around 20+ testers it is much easier than Focus tuning, and is highly effective if you already have the habit of listening to white noise or light music when you work.

focus tuning meter with breath pacing

How to use it?

Put on headphones, and start a Focus Session. Breath pacing is designed to be unobtrusive, and affect your breathing through synchrony, so you shouldn’t really notice it as you work, however if you become aware of it, try not to consciously engage with it.


What’s coming up next:

In the next update, we would be releasing complementary training for both of the focus boosts features. Breath Pacing and Focus Tuning are just tools, which you would benefit from much more with the understanding of and also with some basic techniques used by Olympic athletes and NASA to bring your focus up a notch.Please send us your feedback and we will improve it together.


Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

Upcoming version number:

Android 1.0.15

iOS 0.10.16