Dear friends,


In broad-strokes we are currently on track for mid April shipping. Fingers crossed. After the recently concluded lunar new year holiday, most of our manufacturing partners have begun to work on FOCI 2’s production.



Last week (body parts)

The final mold trial run for body casing is completed. This will mark the beginning of the full scale production for your FOCI 2. 


This week (electronics)

Electronics manufacturing (PCBA) for your FOCI 2 will be completed.  


Next week (accessory)

The longer accessory belt prototypes will be ready. This means that we would be able to finalize the specs for you to choose. 


We will be sending out the surveys to you in the first week of March to confirm your preferences, specs for accessory belt and shipping addresses.


Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team




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