We did it! Thanks to you, we hit our funding goal for FOCI 2 in just over an hour. 800 of you will be among the first in the world to get the boost from this powerful productivity tech to power up your 2022!


You asked. We listened.

Thank @Deni Khalikov @Eric Yew our FOCI 1 old backers for the suggestion on our accessory - the signal belt.

Signal belt was originally designed for ladies to complement wearing FOCI on dresses. It gained a lot of traction with our male backers, possibly because it gives a signal boost, especially if one is wearing loose pants. I prefer it to my old stiff leather belt because it feels more comfortable.

Due to your feedback, we now offer a longer belt option for this accessory, you can fill up your choice at the survey at the end of the campaign.

Best wishes,

Mick And FOCI Team

We need your help to spread the word about FOCI 2.  

Please tell your friends so they can join our productivity community to get motivated and motivate like-minded people! The design is based on a real time leaderboard, but it is really not about competition. It is a way to help ourselves stay accountable to ourselves and our bigger goals, with like-minded people.