Dear backers,

The first edition of Focus Skill Training Manual is ready for download. A really big thanks to backers who gave us feedback on the draft. 

FOCI integrates psychological techniques with real time emotion tracking and biofeedback training to boost focus. Like any other tool, the better we can use it, the better it can deliver value to us.

Stages of improving focus 

Stage 1. Acquire better self-awareness of focus and other emotions states. Cutting short distractions with vibration nudges.

Stage 2. Acquire the ability to consciously control attention with Focus Biofeedback training.

Stage 3. Acquire the intuition of emotion regulation and flow using psychological techniques augmented with biofeedback.

The device alone would enable users to reach only Stage 1 and Stage 2. Whilst Stage 3 would require one to go through the Focus Skill Training Manual.

PDF Download | EPUB Download 

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

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P.S. If you face any problems with shipment, message me at and we’ll get it sorted.