Adaptive Breath Pacing is coming next week, together with feature upgrades for Focus Tuning. Much as breathing reflects your focus, it goes both ways, breathing affects your focus. FOCI can now dynamically pace your breathing to reboot, making it easier to stay focused on what you are working on.  

Breath Pacing


What is Adaptive Breath Pacing

Deep focus is not just about making the effort. It’s also about artfully finding balance with relaxation. When you push too hard, you could easily get fatigued or stressed, and cannot keep up the momentum. When you are too relaxed, however, you may not get into focus. The Breath Pacing creates dynamic breathing rhythms that help you find this balance and stay there, so you maintain longer focus.

How to use it

Put on your headphones, and let the sound of ocean waves first sync with your breathing, then as the rhythm changes, gently guide you to find the balance between relaxation and focus. Breathe to the rhythm, and as you do, you would be able to sustain deeper focus.

More tips to use Focus Tuning

Rain droplets on your screen approximate how long you would be likely to need to meditate with Focus Tuning to freshen up. Sometimes, when you are in Flow, there would not be any rain droplets, which implies that FOCI does not think that you need to freshen up. Other times, when FOCI approximates that you are in a distractible state, the whole screen would be covered in rain droplets and would need around a minute or two to wipe all the droplets away.

Coming next

We didn’t manage to push out distraction alerts upgrades this time round due to time constraints, however, an improved version is coming in January next year. Thanks for all the feedback, keep them coming!

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

P.S. Upcoming version number

Android: iOS 0.10.21

iOS: iOS 0.10.21

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