Dear friends,

All Ivory white FOCI 2 preorders have been shipped out, (tracking codes sent to your inbox). In other words, unless you have Obsidian black FOCI 2, you should be receiving your FOCI 2 very soon, if you haven’t received it yet.


Android App with Machine Learning 2.0 upgrade is undergoing internal testing and hoping to be release for beta test, end of this week or early next. It would take another week for the official update to be released.



New user usage guide

Common problems:

1) Charging: use the original USB cable that comes with FOCI as the USB port is slightly different.

2) Connection: usually takes 3-12 seconds to establish, if you have to plug in power to connect, it means device is in low battery.

3) Battery: the battery estimate is very inaccurate, it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge FOCI.


4) Machine learning:

If it's not generating false emotion streaks balls, it would be fine and you wouldn’t have to remove the device frequently during machine learning phase.

Also please do use "interactive machine learning" feature to improve FOCI's understanding of your physiology on top of its "automatic machine learning".

So in other words, be extra careful during the initial automatic machine learning phase, and then once you complete ‘interactive machine learning’, things get convenient, as training finishes.

5) The most powerful feature:

There are 20 part guides in audio/written form, inside deep focus skills. To really make use of FOCI’s advanced metrics and biofeedback feature, going through the first 10 pieces is advisable.

If you advanced to level 4, biofeedback training is a flow catalyst and can help you fundamentally upgrade your work states.

When the productivity community goes online, it would be very easy to see many users are getting an entire hour of flow. Most if not all users who can do that are using biofeedback level 4 in deep work session.

Best wishes,

Mick and the FOCI team


P.S. If you have any questions about usage or anything, drop me a message.