Thank you to all the iOS users’ feedback on “Deep Relaxation Biofeedback”. It is indeed a surprising development that arose from your feedback. With the benefit of hindsight, it seems only intuitive, if you can reboot faster - you can refocus faster. But then, hindsight is always in short supply. So please keep the suggestions coming to help FOCI evolve.

Deep Work Session

The Android update is coming with software update 13, as we are now spacing out Android and iOS app updates to speed up development; as many of the improvements are dependent on your feedback, by spacing them out, we can speed things up. Deep Work Session is coming first on Android, most likely before the end of next week.

What is Deep Work Session

This is designed to help you get into flow. With the last breath pacing update, we are seeing almost 3 times the number of people, getting into flow on a daily basis, although we haven’t done detailed analysis on this, we believe that much of this boost is a result of breath pacing. However, from your feedback, we know that there are many improvements to be done in the coming software updates.

How does it work

Inside the session, you can customize five types of distraction nudges, to stay on track, according to your preferences and work style. View detailed in-work stats of, in particular, how far you are from flow, whether you are moving towards or away from flow. It is tremendously useful to measure and know flow, as this makes it way easier to grasp it.

More importantly, you may reproducibly get into flow, working with Adaptive Breath Pacing. It adjusts to your emotions, making it easier to stay focused on your work - whether you tend to get distracted by environment or tense with more challenging tasks. Adapting to these emotion states accordingly, would give you an edge, unimaginable in the past!

Coming up

iOS version’s deep work would come with software update 14, benefitting from feedback on update 13, it would be 2-3 weeks later than this Android version but it would be more advanced.

Best wishes,

Mick & the FOCI Team

P.S. If you face any problems with shipment, message me at and we’ll get it sorted.