Biofeedback Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

FOCI production is mature and is shipping out on a weekly basis, shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks depending on location, and will be sending your tracking code as we ship out your FOCI.

Our breathing patterns are highly correlated with cognitive states. FOCI’s machine learning captures waveforms from the device’s motion sensor, and learns to differentiate real breathing from noise, see the pattern and match it to different cognitive states. This personalization generally lasts 2-3 days. For academic research behind FOCI, here are examples for your reference.

Yes, FOCI works with both Android and iOS.

FOCI comes with a 12 month international warranty.

You can find our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, here.

FOCI is designed to be water resistant, to sustain user incidents such as accidentally putting it in washing-machine or dropping it into water. However, we strongly advise you not to intentionally immerse FOCI, as this may reduce FOCI’s water resistance lifespan, as salts dissolved in water may build up and compromise the charging port.

FOCI has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and under typical usage the charge lasts one week.

FOCI designed for typical desk work and study, as FOCI actively differentiates movement noise from your diaphragmatic breathing patterns. It would have to re-adapt to your breathing very frequently when you are standing or moving around. Once you are seated, noise would be minimal, enabling FOCI to pick out your physiological signatures.