Challenge you to level up

Behavioral psychology describes people’s actions as being motivated by intrinsic and extrinsic motivators (punishment and rewards). We learn new behaviors by making the mental connection  between an action and its consequence, this connection can be strengthened to motivate a behavior in future. We have used this mechanism to help people to resist distraction and actually improve their focus over time.

Progressive Overload

FOCI’s progress mechanism uses the strength training and fitness principle of progressive overload, gradually increasing goals over time. FOCI sets adaptive goals based on your own progress, encouraging you to beat your daily, weekly, and monthly bests. Users progress between FOCI levels based on accumulated minutes of focus.

Positive Motivator

Being acknowledged for focusing while working is powerfully motivating because it builds a reinforcing positive loop. The motivators work like an intelligent Pomodoro technique, helping you to fight procrastination and distraction, by bringing forward the reward from the completion of a task.