About Us

Tinylogics was founded by two graduates from Cambridge University, in 2014, with the mission to make big differences in our lives through ‘tiny-logical’ innovations.

In 2014, Tinylogics invented the world’s first smart pillbox to address the growing problem of medication non-adherence, which causes up to 50% of treatment failures. The Memo Box line was awarded with four prestigious design awards (Red dot 2016, Red dot 2017, IF 2017, A’ design 2017) and has now been used by pharmaceuticals, medical providers and tens of thousands of people worldwide to manage their medications everyday.

In 2018, Tinylogics revolutionized how we work, by harnessing neuro-respiratory science to build FOCI. FOCI takes on the problem of growing digital distractions by helpinglearners and brain workers discover their optimum mind performance with cognitive biometrics and personal AI mind coach.

Tinylogics is also a third time Kickstarter project creator.


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