Prime you for better focus

In 2016, Researcher Vlemincx pioneered the research and uncovered the interactive relationship between breathing patterns and cognitive state. Built on this academic discovery, we developed a patent-pending technology, that curates real-time, personalized mindfulness guidance that works with FOCI, to enhance people’s ability to focus.


Just like muscle, focus can be trained with mindfulness practice. By following FOCI’s mindfulness training, you will become more aware of the streams of thoughts and environmental noises that come in the way. By better identifying distractions and return to the objective of focus, it will be harder for you to carried away, and easier to return to focus.


Breathing is the best anchor for attention when you train for better focus: it is always available, and certain breathing patterns can calm your parasympathetic nerves and prime you for focus. FOCI guides you to adopt breathing techniques that prepares you for focus, both physically, and mentally.


Focus is a complex mental state that varies from individual to individual. With the new Machine learning algorithm, FOCI learns your physiological characteristics within 4 hours, and adjust its focus training so as to design your personalized path to better focus.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a private coach to give you real-time feedback on how you go? Well, FOCI is your next best go-to. With innovative, patent-pending technology, FOCI instantly know how you perform, and adjusts its subsequent guidance so you better achieve your mindfulness objective. Even better, you can take FOCI wherever you go!