Empower you to beat the undesirable

Distractions are prevalent: social media and mobile technology are addictive, and harming our attention span. Moreover, increasing work-related stress could also reduce our mental stamina and the ability to effectively work and learn. Taking insights from behavioral psychology, FOCI provides real-time feedback to help you catch distractions and manage attention fatigue.

Operant Conditioning

According to classic operant conditioning theory, we learn to do better through feedback from our actions. FOCI lets users know exactly when  your mind goes astray during work, and automatically triggers your mind to adjust with these peripheral cues. This will build a positive loop to identify and beat distractions, and  build your conscious awareness of your ability to focus.

Intelligent Customization

FOCI is smart: it learns your personal baseline for distraction, and intelligently incorporates your schedules to make more informed decisions about whether distractions are ok. For example, it will be more forgiving on your distractions over the weekend, than what it would be during work.

Attention Restoration

When you have been working for a long time, you may experience attention fatigue, when it is no longer efficient for you to try hard to focus. FOCI helps identify such moments, provides you with guidance to restore your ability to inhabit distractions and focus.  

Visual Anchoring

Even the interface is designed to better catch your attention. With FOCI orb, your attention is automatically drawn and it is easier for you to anchor your attention on the changing orb, and refocus.