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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to FOCI! This guide will give you a quick start to using FOCI.

Download the App

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    Android: App Download


    Activate Your FOCI

    • Plug in your FOCI to charge with the charging cable provided to activate your FOCI. 
    • Your FOCI will show a blue light, and will vibrate to show it is activated. 
    • Pair your FOCI within 30 mins from activation, otherwise will need to plug in to reactivate.

        Sign Up and Pair Your FOCI

        • Make sure your phone’s bluetooth is turned on, but do not pair FOCI via bluetooth settings.
        • Open the FOCI app, and follow the steps to create an account.
        • The app will now search for your device, place your FOCI next to your smartphone. 
        • When your device name appears, press the name to pair your FOCI.



        • If you accidentally pair your FOCI through bluetooth settings, you need to reset bluetooth devices.
        • While inside the app, turn on and then off airplane mode in the slide-down settings from the top of the screen.

        Work seated

        Use FOCI for desk work to boost focus. Sit down, clip on, and start a Focus Session to activate distraction rescue prompts and access focus boosts features. The features are accurate only while you are seated.

        Wear FOCI

        Clip FOCI to your waistline, with the clip facing outwards, to start tracking. FOCI captures your breathing signal from the slight ebb and flow of your abdomen. Well-fitted and elastic waistlines are the best. Whereas thick layers of clothes will muffle out the signal.

        foci clip wearing properly

        • While direct skin contact is not necessary, keeping minimal layers of clothing between FOCI and your skin will dramatically improve signal.
        •  If you wear FOCI on an elastic or well-fitted waistline rather than loose or non-elastic pants, breathing signals are generally much stronger.

        Battery life

        • It is best to charge it once every 3-5 days, and the device will be fully charged in about 2-3 hours. You can find the battery level via settings > device > Battery Remaining, so long as FOCI has some battery remaining and is connected to the app.

        Water Resistance with Caution

        • FOCI is designed to be water resistant, to sustain user incidents such as accidentally putting it in washing-machine or dropping it into basin. However, we strongly advise you not to intentionally immerse FOCI, as this may reduce FOCI’s water resistance lifespan.
        • If you accidentally drop FOCI in water, take it out and leave it to dry for 48 hours before charging, otherwise it may cause a short-circuit.


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