We are Android Q ready, releasing later today.

Mick & The FOCI Team


Also, sorry for the delay with the Breath Pacing feature update, there have been unexpected problems of this feature with our upcoming learning algorithm upgrade (biggest upgrade yet, which has a major performance boost). As a result, we thought that we should take it slower this time and are working out these kinks first.

So the new release timeline is:

1. TodayAndroid Q

2. Next weekUpgraded audio focus tuning, where you will control how heavy the rain is (sound). As you get less distracted and more focused, the rain gets lighter and softer. Finally, you can stop the rain when you are in deep focus, where you will now start to hear the birds chirping, cheering you on with your work.

3. Early Oct: Major learning algorithm upgrade, more streaks, better fatigue & flow detection.

4. Late Oct: Breath Pacing with dynamically generated light music based on your real-time cognitive state, to help you stay in focus longer.

If you face any problems with shipment, message me at team@fociai.com and we’ll get it sorted.