Both Android 1.0.17 and iOS 0.10.17 update for Audio Focus Tuning are out.

When to use it

Use Focus Tuning when it takes a long time to settle your mind to focus, or feel distractible. From my personal experience, you would be likely to find this feature very helpful when you have not had a good sleep the previous night.

What is it

Focus Tuning is a biofeedback assisted meditation, which helps train your skill at tuning into deep focus, by letting you know if you are doing it right. With the complementary audio, you will control how heavy the rain is. As you go into deeper focus, the sound of the rain would get lighter and softer, and as you get into deep focus, you would begin to hear the birds chirping.

Brief instruction on focus tuning

Let the Focus Tuning meter guide you to 1) relax your body as you breathe in, 2) feel as much bodily sensation as you can, as you breath out. Repeat the 2 steps, use the value of the Focus Tuning meter to find the intuition of deep focus.

Coming next in mid Oct, major learning algorithm upgrade with better fatigue & flow detection.

Mick & The FOCI Team

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