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Machine Learning Emotion Recognition

Breathing pattern is closely correlated with emotion states. When we consider how our breathing changes when we are stressed or relaxed, this seems intuitive. If we are focused, or distracted, this will be reflected in the tiny movements in our breathing that the motion sensor detects.

When a research scientist finds a neuro-respiratory pattern, this requires analyzing a huge data set, and hours of processing. We applied machine learning to do this naturally, analyze the minute ebb and flow of diaphragmatic breathing from the waist, in real time - with a tiny device, for everyday use.

Biofeedback Emotion, Attention Control Training

Real time emotion detection, affords a breakthrough in biofeedback training (tech assisted meditation), to help you learn to tune out distractions, and regulate emotion state.

Biofeedback is a technique used to improve the ability to modify involuntary processes such as emotion states or attention consciously, utilizing measurements of a chosen physiological parameter. The measurement is transformed into a visual and auditory feedback signal for us to practice controlling these feedback signal, and thereby these physiological states consciously.

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