Knowing is owning

Taking inspiration from Pixar's ‘Inside out’, FOCI captures your cognitive states and transforms them into colored orbs, which quickly help you visualize and understand your current state, and points you to optimize your state of mind, so you can stay focused and perform efficiently.

Focus and Flow

You are focused when devote your full attention to task at hand. Being focused has several benefits: it means that you are able to better plan and control distractions that come in your way, and you become more confident in achieving your goals.
When you maintain a focused state for longer than 15 min, you may enter a ‘flow’ state, which is also known as ‘in the zone’. At this stage, you are fully immersed in your work, and this intense focus will enable you to deploy knowledge and memories from your subconscious more effectively. Over the long run, your productivity will improve, and ability to learn heighten.

FOCI knows that you are focused, or even in a flow state, and shows it with a yellow orb. When you see this, it means that you are being very productive, and you should keep the current state, for as long as possible.


When your mind and body are free from tension, or other arousal triggers, such as anger or anxiety, you have reached a relaxed state. Life can be chaotic sometimes, which brings stress and anxiety, and relaxation is a great recuperation method that brings us back to the game. 
However, if you feel relaxed while working, it could imply that you haven’t put your full effort in yet, and there is a lot of improvements you can make.
A relaxed state is signified by a blue orb in FOCI. This is the ideal state that you want to be in for meditation or rest. But if you are working well, you may want to focus more, or increase the challenge level of your work.


Attention fatigue takes place when you have been focused for a long time, and your inhibitory attention mechanism has fought hard against distractions coming from outside and inside. When you experience fatigue, it is easier for you to get irritated, and harder for you to continue to focus.
When your orb turns to purple, it indicates that you have overworked and are experiencing attention fatigue. You may want to pause your work at hand, switch to a less demanding task, take a walk in nature, or follow FOCI AI coach’s relaxation guidance, to restore your attention, and recover your ability to focus.
In addition, you can choose when you want FOCI to send you a fatigue alert. Different people may have various tolerance levels for fatigue, and by slowly leveling up your ability, you will be better at fighting fatigue over time.


Stress is no stranger to most of us - we all feel strained or pressured from time to time. Whilst a mild level level of stress can boost our performance; excessive stress will impair your ability to focus, and increase health risks such as strokes, heart attacks over the long run.
FOCI's orb alerts you of stress by turning red, in addition to a warning message. This is state that you would want to actively manage and ameliorate: identify your source of anxiety, talk to your close friends, and practice relaxation techniques - FOCI's AI Coach can provide you with such guidance, so that you can gain relaxation and recuperate your ability to work and live productively.

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