Wearable that Boosts your Focus

Improves 4 types of focus

FOCI tracks your cognitive states through your breathing and improves 4 types of focus.

"I was startled the first time it buzzed with a digital "nudge" to get me back on track (yes, I was daydreaming.)"

S.C. Stuart @ PC MAG

"fast intervention, you can stop this distraction cycle immediately..."

Adele Peters @ FastCompany

"accurate in detecting our cognitive states,..."

SCOTT JUNG @ MedGadget

"tackling the age of distraction through the power of machine learning..."

Conor Allison @ Wareable

"When you're working, don't let distraction slow you down..."

Julian Horsey @ Geeky Gadgets

Cognitive Biometrics


Focus Enhancing Mind Coach

The biometrics powers the AI Mind Coach, the closest thing to a real coach, picks out mistakes you made and provides real time advice to optimise focus.

New Generation Machine Learning Powering FOCI

100% funded in 5 hours

FOCI has raised $1,000,000, with the help of over 12,000 backers!

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