Feature Walkthrough 1

FOCI’s Emotion Tracking 


See how Grace’s mom uses FOCI’s emotion records to keep abreast of her daughter's learning progress.


Grace is a 4th grade student. Although Mom is very busy at work, she hopes to pay more attention to Grace’s learning and growth at the same time. FOCI is like a small focus tracker for Mom to keep abreast of her daughter's learning progress.

Mom downloaded the App and paired FOCI with the phone. Grace was excited and can't wait to put it on.



Mom noticed that the 'breathing signal score' was low after a while, and she helped Grace adjust how she wore it, with the help of the in-app wearing guidelines. Sure enough, the breathing signal score gradually improved.



After wearing FOCI for 2 days, Grace found that emotion recognition has gradually become more and more accurate. She looks forward to machine learning to complete customizing to her.

When Mom was helping with Grace’s homework, she noticed that the fluid ball keeps changing to different colors, representing different emotional states in real time. While the emotional record ball is formed when Grace maintains an emotion state for at least a few minutes. Mom thought that if she reviews Grace's learning state, emotion record balls should be more useful, much like the overall pace and mileage of a run provides more insight than momentary pace.



Every morning, Mom helped Grace put on the FOCI before she goes to school, and when she got off work in the evening, she could review how well Grace is doing for the day from the emotion records, at a glance. Sometimes the deep focus time of the day is only about 1 hour with lots of gray distraction balls or no balls at all. Mom would try to find out what happened to Grace in school and it's often accompanied by some timely admonition.

Of course, there are also times when Grace is doing particularly well, with deep focus times of nearly 4 or 5 hours, the yellow balls fill the screen, and sometimes with some rare flow balls. Grace will be very excited and would show off to her mom. Mom would then give Grace appropriate encouragement.



Mom could feel Grace's conscientiousness toward learning is gradually improving, and she is very pleased.


Emotion tracking