We had a tally and we have fulfilled most non-etching silver, and there are still around a thousand  space grey still in the fulfillment pipeline, we will send out batches of tracking number as we get them from  fulfillment partner at the end of each week. We are expecting them to start shipping blue ones, later next week, the olive ones would still need at least an extra week as the olive’s color skews in the coating process, we are still working on it.

Software upgrade for this week


As well as more bugs fixed, thanks to our testers’ kind and patient feedback, we have 2 upgrades in this 2nd update.

1) Improved bluetooth connection: due to the natural shielding of the metallic clip, FOCI’s design range is around 1 meter, and much like wifi, the nearer and less obstruction it gets, the faster the connection (and nearby bluetooth devices will interfere with connection speed).

In this version, we have first slimmed down the data transfer between device and App, but the amount of data being transferred is still huge. So we have both slightly sped up the transfer speed, and added progress metrics, which lets you know the amount of data transferred. The wait for data sync is still there unfortunately, as data sync facilitates data processing and normalization.

2) The Vibration Focus Notification has been fully opened up. In this new update, you should notice that FOCI will congratulate you when you have concluded a focus streak but are no longer in it (i.e. not in focus anymore). This is both to congratulate that you have done well, and prompt to you to refocus. FOCI will never notify when you are in focus, so that you aren’t distracted by this notification.

This notification is designed based on the idea of progressive overload, to nudge you to get into deeper focus - once you get a prompt it would be harder to get another in a short timespan, unless you get into deeper focus and build a much longer focus streak.

So the challenge becomes maintaining a couple of vibration prompts per hour, and FOCI will let you know if you are on track.


Android 1.0.8 Download Link

iOS 0.10.10 update will come online when apple review is approved

*You will receive a notification from TestFlight when the new build is approved.


Best wishes,

Mick and the FOCI Team