Olive clip yield is sorted, against our expectation, blue is not there. We suspect the reason is that the nickel coating thickness will affect the granularity of the mini craters from the 'sand blast procedure’. Why this is affecting blue more than olive, we are not quite sure yet but we are working it out. So we will start shipping olive batches this coming week and also hopefully sort the blue clips this week, as we need to send thinner nickel coated clip batch clips for color processing. The space gray still has a couple of hundred unfulfilled in the pipeline. It has slowed down in the last 2 weeks, as there have been quite a number of shipping incidents that we have to sort out, retracing a package once it is been sent out does take a lot of time, please verify that the address is indeed up to date and notify us of the changes by email if you change it please.

Software upgrade for this week

As well as bug fixes, thanks to our kind testers and patient feedback, we have 1 upgrade in this 3rd update

Breathing signal quality (10 min): Weak | Moderate | Strong | Very strong | Strongest


You might have noticed a fair amount of ‘adapting to breathing’ - this means that FOCI has detected changes to your breathing signal and is working on how to reinterpret your breathing, this could happen after a posture shift, or when you are just about to settle back to your work after a walk.

‘Adapting to your breathing’ lets you know that at the moment, FOCI can’t reliably give an accurate reading of your immediate cognitive states. These moment to moment ‘pauses’ are perfectly normal! As you settle into your work, the orb will again start to show the colors of your different cognitive states.


However, we can reduce the frequency of FOCI having to ‘recalibrate' by improving the breathing quality that it tracks, and Breathing signal quality (10 min) helps us to see our the signal quality for the past 10 minutes of wearing FOCI, (around the time it takes to settle down to work). So you can check this data to understand signal quality once you have settled down to work. If the signal is only moderate or weak, you can improve the signal quality with the ‘Improving signal mini guide’.

App Download:

Android 1.0.10 Download Link  

iOS 0.10.11 update will come online when apple review is approved

Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

P.S.  You can find your Breathing Signal quality in the device page, and it gives you the past 10 minutes status of the signal quality.