Blue clip production has been throttled again for 2 weeks, due to unstable quality between batches. Only last week, we finally worked out a new manufacturing process using Electrophoretic paint from another manufacturer to overcome the problem. So we are resuming fulfillment for the blues. There has been a backlog, for blue and olive & customization. So if you feel very urgent to receive FOCI earlier, you can contact us  to change to silver or space gray. However, the blues and olive are really special, as it is 304 steel, sandblasted with fine vitrified grains of sand size 0.15 mm (no larger or smaller*) for 6 seconds (not longer or shorter*). Nickel-plated to 5μm (no thinner or thicker*), and then with an exacting electrophoretic painting condition to preserve the metal luster, and with a shade of blue that is just special. You would not have seen such dyed steel of such luster due to its difficulty in manufacturing, so we would likely drop these 2 colors after fulfillment of backers as manufacturing and controlling for quality is too hard. 


We’ll start fulfilling second batch next week too, as blue is expected to be slow due to manufacturing difficulty & laser customization is very hard. So please contact us at if you are from the first batch (non-blue, non-etching), if you have not received some form of fulfillment notification, in case we have made a mistake. We will send you confirmation details.

Software update 5

As well as bug fixes, thanks to our testers’ kind and patient feedback, we have one algorithm upgrade on the device and one upgrade on the App which is the Embedded guide.


What is it

The ‘Embedded guide’ can be opened by long pressing on the text you see inside the App. Such as “Adapting to your breathing”, the guide explains what this status means for you, and how to go from there.

 What to do

The ‘Embedded guide’ in this version provides you basic explanation of FOCI features and how to make better use it. And it will evolve from this 1st version, to provide more insight into your different states and ways to improve in future updates.

Android 1.0.10 

iOS 0.10.11 (Update will come online when apple review is approved)


Best wishes,

Mick & The FOCI Team

*Accounted for standard deviation