Major AI engine upgrade coming this week. FOCI will smell like a new car.

With more than 10,000 backers, generating more than 2 billion data points to train FOCI - we are able to upgrade AI engine to do more accurate inference on even more complex compositional states such as Fatigue and Flow.

We know that in the past that Flow orbs are extremely hard to get, and this is because AI engine seeks to avoid type 1 errors. However, with this new upgrade, it would be able to pick out more Flow that it missed. And more importantly, these Flow Orbs would help you better retrace your footsteps of peak performance; repeat those footsteps to get more Flow.

flow streaks algorithm update

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AI engine upgrade paves the way for better distraction nudges, and this extra protection means extra productivity. You would be able to customize nudges from 4 types of distraction in the upcoming update in November.

  • Distraction alert: Bring you back on track
  • Focus slip alert: Stop distraction before it happens
  • Stress alert: Cool it off before it overheats
  • Fatigue alert: Take a rest before a burnout

A huge thank you to all the backers for sending us your feedback to create the greatest focus tool ever!

Best wishes

Mick & The FOCI Team


If you face any problems with shipment, message me at and we’ll get it sorted.


Sharing a very encouraging statistics we see. Backers on average boosted the chance of getting into Flow by 263%, immediately after Focus Tuning. We will do even better.